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Infinity Metal Fabrication & Design Inc. maintains high quality standards by continuously looking for ways to improve our quality through process, efficiency, training, equipment and technology upgrades. We pride ourself on the high level of quality manufacturing we provide to our customers. Our quality system is continually improving to better serve our customers.

CNC Punching

Infinity is the only shop in Northwestern Ontario that offers CNC Punching service. This is the most accurate and economical method for custom perforated parts or parts with various sizes and shapes of holes. No heat affected zone and no de-burring required.

Aside from metals, Infinity can also successfully CNC punch a variety of different plastics.

Please contact us for a consultation on your requirements.

Here are some examples of CNC punched parts:

CNC Plasma Cutting

Infinity’s 5’ x 10’ CNC plasma cutting table is a fast, accurate and economical method of cutting irregular shapes from sheet and plate metal.

Here are some examples of CNC Plasma cut parts:

CNC Machining

Infinity’s 3 AXIS Vertical Machining Center creates parts with precision, accuracy, repeatability and surface finishes.

Here are some examples of CNC Machined parts:


Infinity prides itself on having some of the cleanest most aesthetic welds around. We specialize in TIG welding aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel.

We also have MIG welding for the thicker metal welding or when maximum aesthetics is not a priority.

Here are some examples of our welding:


Infinity has a 160 TON 10’ wide press brake with a variety of tooling to meet most bending applications.

Here are some examples of bending sheet and plate:

Design and Detailing of Spouting for Grain Elevators

Sam Solly (President of Infinity) has an extensive background in CAD design and detailing of grain elevator spouting. When a spout run needs to gravity feed at a specific slope and dodge pre-existing equipment, Sam can make what seems impossible a reality.

Here are some examples of some of the complex spout runs Infinity has designed and fabricated:

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